Monday, January 7, 2008

My favorite book has a blog!

Bob has this book on his desk that Ioooove called Cartoon Modern. While being a blog nerd tonight, I just found THEIR blog and wanted to share it :)
Cartoon Modern


Bob Flynn said...

Good find! This is Amid Amidi's personal blog...the one I think that inspired the book he wrote. His more popular blog is Cartoon Brew, which he updates on a daily basis.

I'm glad the book is getting play around the studio. The modern styling of 1950s animation is perfected tailored to what Flash does so well (geometric forms and whatnot).

John L said...

I've been wondering why 1950s animation design has become so popular lately, and I think it's partly a backlash against 3D. Everything nowadays is so polished and realistic -- this hand-painted, flat style is a breath of fresh air.

It also shows good DESIGN, which I think is not always a priority in 3D animation.