Thursday, January 10, 2008


In the future, a children's media company will launch an internet television channel that will forever alter the fabric of space and time as we know it. While the rest of civilization battles off dinobots, mutant gerbils, and global deepfreeze, the creative minds at FableVision break through the airwaves with FVTV to save humanity. Stories that will matter, stories that will move. The year is 2008...the future is now!

Anyone wanna make some cartoons?


Kathy Weller said...

Amazing. I want to hear more!!

Bob Flynn said...

In my futurespeak, I neglected to clarify that FVTV already exists.


What I'm really talking about is creating a true internet channel (something that Pete has talked about MANY times, especially recently). More importantly, the last time FVTV was updated was 2001. People still love it! But its time to get cranking out new content on a regular basis. Short films, movies, etc...

Kathy Weller said...

Oh yes I've seen it, the episodes...I thought that little TV looked familiar...the cartoons on the FV site...ok, so you are revising. Got it.. Well, I will look forward to seeing some new ones then. :)

John L said...

When FVTV began years ago, most of America used a dial-up connection, and YouTube didn't exist. It was a simpler time. Now that video permeates the internet, along with animation, it's time to reinvent FVTV, and put it back on the edge.
I could imagine expanding the entire page interface, beyond the original blue TV, into different sections -- for kids, for grownups, educational, experimental, etc. There could be a snippet of the week, and a special corner for Animation-ish. We need something more flexible and open ended. I'm ready!

Kathy Weller said...

Wow John, the NEW FV TV sounds very exciting!!

Are you guys right now just in the process of figuring out what FV TV's core purpose will be? Entertainment, inspiration and learning no doubt. :) What else? What you are describing sounds deep and multi-layered. I love the idea of the section for grown-ups, too. There are so many possibilities!

Depending on what kind/amount of resources you are planning to devote to the revamping of FV TV, you could have it serve several purposes, or keep it more simple. It sounds like you have big ideas for it though. :) (I'm assuming this would just be one piece of an overall site redesign for FV.)

Would / could you monetize FV TV? Would this even be on the table? (Paid content's kind of a tough thing to do successfully across the board. Not saying you shouldn't, just speaking from my experience.) One thing you could use FV TV for is to produce / offer free ancillary content that would work as a value-add to your paid products, working in conjunction with them. That's a good,soft way to use FV TV to support your paid products.. You could also use it to tease for up-and-coming products and ventures. You could also use it to test-drive new ideas for products. (You'd want to make sure to have the back-end stuff in place in order to get the most information possible on the viewer stats - total page views , repeat visitors, uniques etc..) Then you could get a good read on what people are most tickled by :) and possibly use that style of animation (or whatnot) for other projects.

Speaking of which, are there video clips of your products on the FV site? I would so love to see how some of the products work!! I've read about them in the catalog and they look and sound so fantastic, but I would like to see a demo.

'Scuse my long-windedness...just sounds like fun and I hope that maybe I brought up a question here you maybe didn't think of yet! :)

I will look forward to the release of FV TV 2.0

Renee Kurilla said...

Where do we start? Let's do it! FVTV was my favorite part of the website, I used to watch the animations over and over when I was learning Flash. It would be amazing to actually participate.

Bob Flynn said...

I've been waiting for Pete to chime in, because he pushed us in this direction back at Kaizen (but a lot of folks never make it to the blog). The time to start is NOW...and together---so we can cheer each other on. I would think almost anything qualifies as long as its appropriate to associate with FableVision. And as John suggests, we can break it into categories if need be.

We can work together, or independently. I don't know about anyone else, but I've begun to realize that for someone who loves and appreciates animation, I haven't really made all that many cartoons (Jinx was the first, and in some ways, the LAST significant film I personally made---and that was 6 years ago). I love comics and illustration, but I have a thirst to animate right now.

Short films will probably work best, whatever people think they have the time for.

ALL SYSTEMS GO! Get animatin'!