Sunday, October 31, 2010

There Once Was a Dog

There Once Was a Dog is an award-winning Russian animated film by Eduard Nazarov - made in 1983. Great piece of storytelling - very funny and touching.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the Doodle!? FV's Candy Art Show

This past summer, in lieu of our biweekly What the Doodle!? challenge, the FV team took a few months to complete artwork based on a theme. Collaboratively, we chose the theme: CANDY!
Scroll down to see some imaginative, brilliant, and resourceful art made by the FableVision team!

Balloon Candy by: Naomi Greenfield

Crocheted Licorice Sweater! by: Jordan Bach 

artwork by: Jason LaCouture

artwork by: Taryn Johnson

artwork by: John Lechner

artwork by: Tami Wicinas

Candy Tangoes Game! by: Brian Grossman

Paul Capobianco created a delicious soundtrack of candy themed music which we listened to while playing tangoes and admired everyone's creativity. 
Here's Hannah and Brian playing Sugar Tangoes:

We ultimately decided to make our own art with the homemade sugar shapes and some store-bought candy:

 The group proudly displaying their masterpieces!
Photo credit goes to Matt Bargar and Keith Zulawnik for their timeless traditional and happening hipstamatic imaging.