Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"The Kentucky Cycle," or "Marli's Second Home"

The Kentucky Cycle opens this weekend, and in addition to me getting a little more sleep, this means I get to share what I've devoted my nights and weekends to these past two months. Bostix Advance just sent out a limited deal for half priced tickets ($35 regular, $18 with the Bostix deal), so here's their e-mail if anyone wants to get in on that, for opening weekend! (weekly@artsboston.org) (Tickets for other weekends are available from http://zeitgeiststage.com/)

Part 1 - Thu at 7:30, Sat/Sun at 2pm
Part 2 - Fri/Sat/Sun at 7:30
October 6-November 17

We've had promotional articles from the Globe and from the Phoenix (in which she misquotes the director and calls my actors cannibals), but best of all is the "theatrical trailer" one of my actors made.

I'm assistant stage managing, so I've been able to see this production grow from the beginning. There is something immensely satisfying about working on a show - an instant gratification of sorts. 8 weeks ago these people didn't know one another, and now they're both my friends and a tight knit collection of relatives, neighbors, and sworn enemies.

And here's the summary the media's been using:
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Robert Schenkkan's epic series of nine plays over six hours employs 23 actors to tell the story of seven generations of intersecting Kentucky families over the course of 200 years. Presented in two parts, The Kentucky Cycle is an astonishing feat of theatrical storytelling unlike any other.

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