Friday, October 12, 2007

Casual Games and Education

I firmly believe that young kids definitely can have a more meaningful experience on the computer when they play with their parents. In this regard, I am failing. Every morning my son wakes up about 1/2 hour before I'm ready to open my eyes, gets on the computer, and starts surfing from game site to game site. So far, he seems to have been keeping it clean (aside from the one, really disturbing game where you have to help a robot with his love life), and he's found some great stuff.

The more I watch him explore, the more I appreciate the problem solving and critical thinking skills that are employed in playing these games. These games are challenging, fun and highly addictive. As we continue to develop new games for clients, we should try to think about what we like about casual games and try to apply those thoughts to our creations.

Here's the game that inspired this posting:
Tom and Jerry's Trap-o-matic
A fun game that actually isn't terribly challenging to build, but works well. It requires some understanding of spatial relations to play.

Additional Sites:
MSN Games
Yahoo! Games
PopCap Games


Bob Flynn said...

Yep...not a parent. But I assume the same rules would apply to games as do television. If you plop your kid down in front of a TV, they'll watch what they find. Everything is more meaningful for a kid when their parent is involved. My dad even used to sit down and play NIntendo with us.

Thanks for the sites!

Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering Training said...

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