Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi Def in the High Desert

I had an opportunity to participate in a documentary production this past August. What an incredible experience! Produced by two of my closest friends, the basic idea was to document the ride across the Oregon Back Country Discovery Trail (an all off-road route across the entire state). We shot in HD, direct to P2 cards, and downloaded the dailies to a Macbook Pro.

Needless to say, I was in absolute heaven. Around the campsite conversations ranged from motorcycle chat about the relative advantages of BMW vs KLM, to techie discourse on various forms of HD resolution and image quality. Doesn't really get any better in my world.

Check out the trailer on the website:

Oh and the picture? That's my bike, after a pretty good crash. My friend Thor (anyone seen Jackass 2? He's the mini-bike loop guy) is using epoxy to patch the hole I put in my engine. That black stuff? Oil. Cus, you know, there was a hole in my engine! Luckily I escaped relatively unscathed, and the bike made it home in one piece. Too bad the cameras missed that little piece of drama!


Renee Kurilla said...

Doug, I had no idea...I watched the trailer - what an amazing experience. I honestly didn't even know areas like that existed in Oregon. Pretttttty awesome. Makes me want to come visit! (I'd probably travel by car though :)

Doug said...

Ya, a lot of people don't realize how varied the geography is in Oregon... It's got coastal, temparate forest, rain forest, farming river valleys, high desert, sand dunes, dry lake beds, alpine and glacier all around the state. Lots to explore!