Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brain Squeeze

Now that I have every one's attention, I thought it would be the perfect time to open the table for suggestions. Give your brain a squeeze and see what you can add to the juicer. For starters, does everyone like "Creative Juices" for the name of the blog? What sort of things would you all like to see discussed here? You'll notice I've added some links to the side bar. If I've missed any FableVisionary blogs let me know. I've also added a set of links for some of my favorite animation and illustration blogs. The sidebar is a place to stick inspiring, insightful, or just plain fun websites and blogs. If you want me to add anything, just mention it.

At this point, contributors should feel free to post away. I personally hope to use this forum to stir up discussions related to animation and picture-making, but that is just one of an infinite number of possibilities. Similar to the email thread that was going around about the value of art and music in a school curriculum. What's on people's minds these days? Do we need an icebreaker? Start squeezing!

1 comment:

John L said...

This is awesome. It could be used for sharing and discussing just about anything; artists, musicians, books, films, websites, games -- whatever gets your creative juices flowing.

Are there other blogs that focus on creativity? Does anyone have a favorite blog or website that inspires them?