Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scarygirl Game

Scarygirl Game Trailer from Touch My Pixel on Vimeo.

So, the game landed on the web yesterday. I only found about it today (thanks Brian Romero), but I can guarantee you word is spreading. The fact that the site is currently pretty bogged down supports that. Catch the trailer above, then head on over to play the game at:


Where to begin? This is a Flash-game, folks. Not unlike the games we make at FableVision (see Lure of the Labyrinth). The visual impact is probably the most striking. It's practically like dancing around in an illustration. I haven't had a chance to become fully immersed in the game, but Keith dove in and I was impressed with what I've seen so far. Very responsive controls, great sound name it. Load time is a bit cumbersome right now, but I suspect that will improve.

I'm first reminded of Crappy Cat, and then Poptropica. But the presentation here exceeds both of those games. How are they getting this level of performance out of Flash? First off, I measured the gameplay window: only 750 x 480 (give or take a few pixels). When was the last time we designed a game that small? You don't even realize this because they've designed a smart html shell around it with even more beautiful artwork that doesn't distract from the gameplay. Also, they have an impressive parallax working in the sidescroll part of the game. None of this appears to slow anything down. The mixing of vector and pixel is seamless, but definitely intentional for optimization. They've figured out how to pull it off (they being: Touch My Pixel).

I keep posting stuff like this to inspire everyone to think big. I know we can create something this fabulous.


Keith Zulawnik said...

Yea it plays just as fun as it looks too. The thing that really is key here is performance. Yes the load time is kinda slow, but the fact that these rich graphics are being loaded with really no slow down, is amazing!
I think finding that right balance of raster and vector magic, is how they pulled this off. Also, like you mentioned Bob, the size really plays into the performance.

Thanks for the post, I feel inspired, now let's go make something!

Jason Curtis said...

Wow, visually (judging from the trailer) this looks incredibly impressive. It always amazes me what Flash is capable of in the right hands.

I haven't yet played, but I'll definitely take the time to do so.

Thanks for posting this Bob!