Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FableVisionaries on Twitter!

Friends of FableVision and followers of the Creative Juices blog might be interested to know that several of us at FableVision are on Twitter. Paul Reynolds heads up the primary handle (@FableVision) and tweets frequently about all things pertaining to the company.

Here's the current list of FableVisionaries:

@FableVision (Paul Reynolds)
@peterhreynolds (Peter H. Reynolds)
@Gerrickg (Gary Goldberger)
@johnlechner (John Lechner)
@bobjinx (Bob Flynn)
@keizu (Keith Zulawnik)
@reneekurilla (Renee Kurilla)
@alliebiondi (Allie Biondi)
@JesseACH (Jesse Anna Haines)
@Popmama (Leigh Hallisey)
@adam1217 (Adam Landry)
@briangrossman (Brian Grossman)
@bargarelli (Matt Bargar)
@sheikaf (Shannon Frederick Meneses)
@juliay22 (Julia Young)
@wildsamoliver (Samantha Oliver)
@PauletteGreene (Paulette Green)

See you on Twitter :)

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