Friday, August 22, 2008

Found Art Sculpture

We did a little collaborative art project in our weekly Artists Meeting today. Our task was to bring in a found object in the hopes of assembling some sort of group sculpture. The premise might have seemed a little silly at first, but once we gathered the juices certainly started flowing.

Jonah got the ball rolling by hanging a worn out tire wheel from a pipe with wire thread. Sam brought a hollowed out egg, which I hung from the wheel. I think with the intention of making some kind of mobile. But after a couple more objects, it was obvious that a face was emerging. So we continued to decorate. Allie brought in a picture of her hamster, which worked perfectly to connect draping arms to. Every idea was a good one, and eventually our friend was born into existence.

If you look closely, you can see the words INVENT, EXPLORE, and SHARE behind the wheel on the wall (there previously). Does that say it or what?

The most amazing part for me, aside from the fun group effort, was when someone noticed the shadow the sculpture was casting on the wall. I don't think I've laughed with so much pleasure in a while (maybe since a good episode of SpongeBob). It was one of those occurances that couldn't have been planned, but couldn't have been more perfect. Honestly, a moment of artistic genius—even if accidental.

So there you have it. Go pick up something random, invite a couple friends, and make something!

Special thanks to Sam for the idea, and Renée for taking photos.

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