Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And now for something Horrible

Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well former Buffy (and Firefly for the sci-fi nerds among us) writer Joss Whedon found something to do during the last writers strike- or so I believe was the story, but I assume it was an idea shaking around for a while.
Introducing- Dr.Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!
I loved this, and wanted to spread the word. It's more than worth the few dollars on itunes, and good to note- this was made for their own artistic enjoyment, meaning I doubt anyone has gotten rich off of it.
This is a great thing to remember when making our own work. If you have an idea that's been nagging at you- make it real. If you need help doing it, ask for it! You've got friends who love you and your ideas! We're all artists here trying to express ourselves, may it be through a sing-along blog or a crochet octopus (go Nomers!)With our powers combined... you know the rest :)
I feel inspired to work more on my rock opera... but since that's such a big endeavor I'm thinking of sidenoting for a while and making a short mini rocker opera. Is there a word for that? Operette? Anywho... Check out Dr.Horrible. 45 minutes of enjoyment, I promise.

Ps. It's starring Neil Patrick Harris. If you had a crush on him when you were a 6 year old little girl too, all the better.

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Marli said...

Thanks for sharing this -- I didn't have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris when I was 6, but I do now!!!!

I'm amazed at the clarity of the storyline, and the spot on mimicry of classic musical song structure!