Sunday, May 11, 2008


via Wired Blogs:

We didn't get a Wii just so You-Jin could beat Keith in boxing. What game could we make? WiiWare is on the way. Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario and Zelda) spoke to Wired recently. Read the article.

"With WiiWare, Nintendo is attempting to flip the equation. By opening the service to even the smallest indie designers, the company hopes to tap the talents of the world's brightest gamemakers and snag brilliant new ideas for its popular Wii console. If the company finds the next little thing that blows up big -- like 2007's sleeper hit Portal, which got its start as an undergraduate project -- Nintendo will benefit from both the sales and the critical buzz. And it will do so with a minimal investment."

Put your gamer-caps on!
Official info from Nintendo--->here

UPDATE: Here's a review of a game called Lost Winds (a title coming to WiiWare). Looks great! Thanks, Keith.

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John L said...

What strikes me most about the Wii is that so many of the games are simulations of real-life games (golf, baseball, tennis) or based on existing video game scenarios (adventure, role-playing). All well and good, but it seems like there are so many other unexplored directions to go in.