Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let it snow!

A few months ago, Bob wrote about the beauty of a limited color palette. You only need to look outside on a snowy day to see this for yourself. (This photo was just taken last week.) In fact, nature always seems to choose the right colors, no matter what time of year. Happy Holidays everyone!


Bob Flynn said...

Nice picture, John :) Nature is indeed a balance of simplicity with accents. Forests are entirely green and brown---with flowers to accent here and there. The only major acception I can think of is a coral reef. I generally think of autumn as the most beautiful time of year, because you get a palette of warm colors that look striking against a blue sky. We should all look to nature for inspiration.

John has a great photo of understated color. Where's the color? I gurantee you there are some colors hidden away in there. Not everything needs to be all rainbows and eye candy. Even when it's not winter :)

Marli said...

Happy Holidays everyone!