Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the Doodle!? FV's Candy Art Show

This past summer, in lieu of our biweekly What the Doodle!? challenge, the FV team took a few months to complete artwork based on a theme. Collaboratively, we chose the theme: CANDY!
Scroll down to see some imaginative, brilliant, and resourceful art made by the FableVision team!

Balloon Candy by: Naomi Greenfield

Crocheted Licorice Sweater! by: Jordan Bach 

artwork by: Jason LaCouture

artwork by: Taryn Johnson

artwork by: John Lechner

artwork by: Tami Wicinas

Candy Tangoes Game! by: Brian Grossman

Paul Capobianco created a delicious soundtrack of candy themed music which we listened to while playing tangoes and admired everyone's creativity. 
Here's Hannah and Brian playing Sugar Tangoes:

We ultimately decided to make our own art with the homemade sugar shapes and some store-bought candy:

 The group proudly displaying their masterpieces!
Photo credit goes to Matt Bargar and Keith Zulawnik for their timeless traditional and happening hipstamatic imaging.

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Casey G. said...

everything is supremely cool, but the Crocheted Licorice Sweater! by: Jordan Bac gets an extra awesome from me. Nice.

This is what happens when you put a group of very creative people in one place. Thank you for sharing!