Friday, September 18, 2009

WTD?: Trace

The word that came out of the random word generator this week for What the Doodle? was TRACE. Here's what the FableVision crew came up with.

John Lechner

Didi Mitova

Adam Ziskie

Bob Flynn

Keith Zulawnik

Tami Wicinas

Allie Biondi

Brian Grossman and Samantha Oliver

Watch animation in full resolution.
Matt Bargar

Check back in a couple weeks for the next word!


Renee Kurilla said...

Nice! Another spectacular WTD. :)

sarah said...

Awesome - love the elephants especially!

jaylac said...

Snorting coffee? disturbing.

adam ziskie said...

wonderful stuff!

Jesseanna said...

Always makes me smile! Eric just said, "How long do these people SPEND on these things?" He was amazed that you create such fantastic art in only a couple of hours (or minutes!).

Hannah O'Neal said...

Oh man, these are awesome! Great job everyone! I'm looking forward to taking my hand at it next time.

pakoto said...

amazing works!