Friday, May 8, 2009

WTD?: Vinyl

A bunch of us in the FableVision studio thought it would be a good exercise to pick a completely random word and create a visual representation of it. We're calling it WTD? (What The Doodle?) The random word generator we used spit out VINYL. At first we were all like, huh?...wtd? But I think the results are fun. This is something we want to keep doing, so check back for more (and maybe give it a try yourself!)

Bob Flynn

Allie Biondi

Keith Zulawnik

Ryan McNulty

Tami Wicinas

Renee Kurilla

Samantha Oliver

Be sure to visit everyone's sites, too!


Jason Curtis said...

Oh man, I love this idea!

Dawn Haley Morton said...

LOVE renee's albums!! whooo! they're all great, fab concept.