Monday, January 5, 2009

Lorelay Bove

Once in awhile we like to feature standout artists at Creative Juices. Today I'd like to call your attention to Lorelay Bove, an amazing character animator/background artist from Cal Arts, now working for Pixar. Here is her blog ("must-subscribe" material!).

Her style evokes Mary Blair (that's a compliment), and she's definitely on to something very unique and provocative. I admire her approach to color more than anything else. It goes back to something I've said before: don't be limited to naturalistic color. Her backgrounds perfectly frame the characters within them. Her staging and composition--outstanding! Both playful, and clever in their design.

Here is a Degas inspired piece I really like of hers:

And here is her student film from Cal Arts. Pay special attention to how seamless the interaction and play is between character and background. They were conceived as one visual statement, which dances along with the music.

Siren's Song (2007)

There is so much to admire in her work. I can't wait to see more!

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Deniseletter said...

Many thanks for presenting Lorelay Bove!!(Her style seems inspired by Mary Blair)