Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good sound design and cheesy pants

Via Cold Hard Flash:
For Fremantle’s (American Idol) web and mobile channel Atomic Wedgie, Camp Chaos’ Bob Cesca has embarked on a new animated series. It’s titled Unga Bunga Banana, and it stars “a weird antagonistic critter with big goggles who loves to wreck havoc wherever he goes.” Cesca created the series along with John Christian Plummer, and then he invited two of my favorite artists to join him in the production. Bob directed the series with Anton Bogaty who also animated the series. Both Bogaty and Joel Trussell helped Cesca with character design. The first episode, which you can see below, is titled Cheese Pants.

Via me:
I truly believe this is a great example of strong sound design. Watch how fast the animation goes by and notice how the sounds make it believable. Oh and, of course, the visuals are really fun to look at too. :)


Bob Flynn said...

Sound design can make or break an animation. Sound can add so much believability, it's almost ridiculous. This animation has very little animation---a lot of quick movements.

That said, some animation and film---if storyboarded well---can work without the sound turned up. Meaning, you can watch and appreciate what's going on visually without sound. In that case, sound only amplifies what's already working really well.

John L said...

Another thing I love here is the timing, very Chuck Jonesy, which adds to the visual humor. There's no need to animate a zillion drawings when you can make just the right one, at just the right second.