Friday, April 18, 2008

Colorful Illustrations 93°C - Please DO NOT buy this book!

A couple of you already know, but I got an email from the Darren Di Lieto of the Little Chimp Society this morning:

"I just wanted to bring to the attention to those who don't that recently the LCS was plagiarized (images and LCS interviews) and published as a book called Colorful Illustrations 93 degrees C! This was done without the knowledge or permission of me or anyone involved."

The Little Chimp Society is an online illustration portal where young artists are interviewed and featured for the amazing work they are doing. Apparently, a publisher from either Spain or Japan (the details are fuzzy) published the entire contents of the website in a book and is charging $100 for it. Imagine someone going to your website, pulling down all you artwork without your permission, and publishing it for a profit. I especially feel bad for Darren, who has spent the greater part of the the last three years growing an amazing web community. But a lot of artists are getting completely ripped off here. This is a major blow to the art blogging community.

I'm trying to do my part by spreading the word. These people need to be held accountable.

This is what Darren has to say on his blog, where he links to photos of the book. So many stolen illustrations! Luc Latulippe is one of the 93 artists whose work was plagiarized, and he also has some valuable thoughts on the issue.

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Jeremy said...

Hi, I noticed you blogged about Colorful Illustrations 93°C. I just posted a 3-part write-up examining copyright issues in the creative community using this issue of piracy as the core of the piece. Please check it out and lets continue the discussion: