Monday, March 24, 2008

Jim Henson's Time Piece

via Cartoon Brew

It's Jim Henson, minus the Muppets. This is a spectacular film, in its pacing and rhythm, humor, use of methaphors, and surrealism. Watch it, and think about it the next time you're constructing a narrative.

from the Muppet Wiki:

"The surrealist film, which runs slightly less than 9 minutes, follows a nameless man who lies in a hospital bed awaiting examination by a doctor through a wide range of experiences. Mundane daily activities are intercut with surreal fantasy and pop-culture references...Apart from the rapid montage cutting and superimposition of objects, Jim Henson used animation heavily to create an impressionistic feel. He personally animated scenes of moving patterns, anticipating those later utilized in various Sesame Street inserts."

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