Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

via NY Mag:

"Is Spike Jonze about to get fired from Where the Wild Things Are? Rampant speculation on the Web suggests things might be getting tense at Warner Bros. owing to the adaptation of Maurice Sendak's book Jonze wrote with Dave Eggers. According to /Film, recent test screenings of the film yielded poor responses, and Cinematic Happening Under Development reports that Warner Bros. is panicking because the $75 million production looks "uncommercial," and wants to completely reshoot the film."

Watch the leaked clip ----> here. It looks...amazing :)

There is some speculation about whether or not it's fake. The audio doesn't sound final. It'd be a pity if it got yanked by Warner for feeling "uncommercial."

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Pokey said...

Well, needless to say since then "Where The Wild Things Are" got a release on October 16, 2009, by WB under Spike Jonze [not the City Slicker]'s direction, and has been one of the most beloved movies of that fall #1 for about 4 weeks and a major box office for about 15 or so!