Friday, February 5, 2010

WTD?: Welcomed

The word that came out of the random word generator this week for What the Doodle? was WELCOMED. Here's what the FableVisionaries came up with.

Bob Flynn

John Lechner

Renee Kurilla

Keith Zulawnik

Allie Biondi

Jay LaCouture

Watch animation in full resolution.
Ryan McNulty

Check back in a few weeks for the next word!


Elio said...

These look so great!!! ;-)

Jesse Anna Bornemann said...

Nice work, all!

Chris Sabatino said...

These are all beautiful, clever & insightful!
I enjoy every on. Great work!

Kawks! said...

The style of the piece by Bob Flynn looks very familiar. Has he published any children's books?

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! No children's books to my name, but I've had work published in Nick Mag...and I recently started an all ages comics blog called Heeby Jeeby Comix which you may have seen.